Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rosedale: Mervyn's gone, soon to be forgotten

The Pioneer Press is reporting that Rosedale Center is going to take out the old Mervyn's wing and replace it with a 14-screen movie theatre and "lifestyle shopping," i.e., stores and restaurants that face the outside of the building. (If that kind of sounds like a trendy version of Har Mar, well, it does, but the nearby competitor isn't mentioned in the story.) Steve Scott of the Pioneer Press passes along the following without a hint of irony:
John Schupp, senior vice president of mall manager Jones Lang LaSalle, said the concept is growing nationwide. Rosedale, built in 1969 and renovated in 1992, faces competition from similar centers in Woodbury, Maple Grove and St. Paul's Grand Avenue, he said.
I never thought I'd hear Grand Avenue compared to places in Woodbury or Maple Grove, but there it is.

For what it's worth,
Jones Lang LaSalle doesn't mention the plan on their website.

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Anonymous said...

I see nowadays even small places are growing modern and begin to look like megapolises with all that great rebuilding. A great pity I believe! There must be some wild places left...