Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Nicollet Gets a New Development Partner. Nicollet Mall Still Waiting.

The MSP Business Journal is reporting Opus Northwest has replaced Hines Interests as the primary development partner of the frozen-in-ice Nicollet project in downtown Minneapolis. Whether this change will bring one of Nicollet Mall's most important blocks back from the dead remains to be seen, but holding one's breath in anticipation probably isn't the best idea.

A huge-ass condo development proposed just as people were starting to cast a funny look at the housing market, The Nicollet always seemed like a bad idea destined for disaster. Unfortunately, it got far enough along to deprive us of one of the best record stores in the Twin Cities. Sure, other business were able to relocate, but Nicollet Mall lost some of its diversity and vibrancy as a result, and is now more sterile and corporate for all of those who visit.

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